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Rowell C.

Very fast shipping within a week. Original Left motor needed a replacement after exposing it into wet roads consecutively in the rainy season. Don’t do what I did. New motor works very well and was easy to install.

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Sebas G.

The wheels look great, but they don’t make much of a difference in the ride quality and reduce the speed of the board tremendously. Would not buy again😡

gotrax g2 plus

Rohn H

The wheels are maybe 20% more comfortable than the 96mm. Sidewalks and rough pavement are still uncomfortable and jarring. This coupled with the decreased range will make me likely go back to the 96mm ones once these wear out. All in all I still enjoy the board.

ezip 750 electric scooters

Dominic G.

Really nice to have the second battery for those days where you wanna ride a little further or a lot further. This extra battery doubles my range from 16miles to 32mile and I love the purple glow at night.

Navitas Storm

Loving my new electric golf cart! Smooth ride and sleek design. Perfect for the course. I will recommend  Asap!

Luke B. / Wisconsin
Navitas Storm Non- Lifted

Impressive power and battery life on the Icon cart. A must-have for golfers Not forgetting the excellent customer service

Michael E. / Wyoming
Navitas Storm Non- Lifted

Icon Golf Cart’s compact size is fantastic. Fits in tight spots easily. Highly recommend. Very excited.

Sabrina T. / Los Angeles

electric golf cart reviews

Ecotric electric Fat Tire Bikes

This ebike exceeded my expectations. The battery life is impressive, and it tackles hills like a champ. Absolutely adore my ebike! Blazing speed and sleek style make my commute a breeze.

Mark J / Illinois
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Game-changer! Power assist makes long rides a joy. Best buy! Original: Commuting is now fun with my ebike. It’s sturdy, and the pedal assist mode is a savior.

David M. / Kentucky
navitas storm golf cart

No more hassles with gas carts. Icon’s electric model is efficient and a joy to drive. Fast Delivery process

Taylor / San Francisco
EVERCROSS Electric Scooter

A great ride! Had it for a few weeks and very happy so far. I absolutely love my Ranger X3. I purchased 6 more!

William K. / Georgia
navitas electric golf cart for sale

Impressive quiet motor—enjoying serene rounds with Icon Cart! All I need was to be sure you guy are real!

Joe Harris / Colorado
New electric scooter

Super smooth, fun ride. Definitely worth the purchase. Imma recommend to all my friends!

Alec H. / Alabama
icon golf carts for sale

gas hassles—Icon’s electric cart is efficient and joyful. Icon Golf Cart’s quiet motor is impressive. Enjoying serene rounds on the green!

Chase S. / Idaho
electric bikes with storage

Incredible speed and reliability. Love my eBike!
I love the eBike! It’s fast and reliable. I will coe back or refer others here!

Dylan G. / Georgia