48V Electric Golf Cart 4 Seater Lifted Renegade+ Golf UTV Compare To Coleman Kandi 4p – Red


Lighting system: LED front combination lights (low beam, high beam, turn signals, daytime running lights, position lights)
LED rear taillights (brake lights, position lights, turn signals); Snail horn, reversing buzzer.
Sound system: Full-range speakers (with lights)
Brake system: Four-wheel hydraulic brake, four-wheel disc brake + electronic brake parking (with vehicle traction function)
Instrument panel Injection molding instrument panel, waterproof double-speed electric lock switch, single-arm combination switch, water cup holder; 12V power supply, USBT & Type-c charging, USB external audio input
Accessories: 1 charger, 1 manual
Color Option: White, Blue, Red, Matte Black, Silver
Age Limit: 16 Years and Older